Emmanuel Nim presents oil portrait demo, workshop on August 21

The resident artist and personal friend of Transwing® Art Gallery can produce in an hour a polished portrait that would normally take others several hours or even days to get done in the same quality. Emmanuel Nim demonstrated his enthralling strokes to quickly produce a stunning portrait in the second demonstration and workshop “Oil Portrait Challenge with Emmanuel Nim” on August 21 at the Quezon City showroom of Transwing® Art Gallery in 102 West Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Emmanuel Nim discussed the origin, fundamentals, characteristics, and techniques of oil in the fully-booked lecture and workshop. The resident artist also explained how to prepare the canvas properly, what materials are appropriate for the medium, and how to save up on materials.

Finally, Nim demonstrated a step by step procedure on how to capture a model’s likeness in just an hour. Before the distribution of certificates to the participants, Transwing® Art Gallery conducted a hands-on workshop with its resident artist. Emmanuel Nim is a prolific artist whose portraiture echoes his love for the human figure and deep concerns for Mother Nature. He is also known for his portraits, human figurative and landscape paintings that usually carries a message that humans are the stewards of Mother Earth. Nim strives to create the effect of illusion with a realistic representation of the images that seem to extend the impression of social reality. He was one of the eight artists who painted “Tagaligtas 44,” a mural honoring the heroism of 44 Special Action Forces commandos who died in Mamasapano that is now displayed at the Coconut Palace in Pasay City. The demo and workshop was originally scheduled to take place on August 13 but was postponed on the day of the event due to bad weather. Transwing® Art Gallery

announced through all its media channels that the free tickets of participants were valid until the rescheduled date of the event.

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