Oscar Salita

fanstastic painter of modern art

Manila, Philippines

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born 1945


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Born july 4. 1945 in Manila. Oscar's family where originally from Hagonoy Bulacan . As a child he began to curve excess wood from a Santo Niño Artisan in front of his hometown . He finished his degree in UST major in advertising . His main influence are from Vicente Manansala and Galo Ocampo. He also worked as a fashion consultant which is reflected Iin his art. his figures will always appear poised and graceful and leaving the facial futures mysterious emphasizing the body movements. He held 16 exhibits and was one of the founders of the Group Starving Artist affilliated in New Orleans . His works are in the collection of Imelda Marcos , Cory Aquino, Sultan of Brunei, and Hong kong Bank Center. 


was born 1943. (Figurative abstract & murals) BFA UST 1966. Raised by paternal grandparents in an old house on Mendoza St. in Quiapo filled with dusty paintings. Befriending a carver of santos in Quiapo while in Grade IV, made his first attempt at carving 1954. Sketched with Andy Poe, Jr at the Roman gardens of San Beda College, which was off limits to students. At MIT High, built lasting friendships with Roger Bruan, now a US-based art director, Carlitos Buendia, HK-based art director of Mabuhay magazine, and Rudy Banitez, a US-based comics illustrator. Enrolled at UST with his friends to pursue art studies in a building designed by his father and Julio Rocha. To augment his allowance, did fashion sketches for couturier Pedrito Legaspi. Co-founded the Starving Artist group, based in the old unused house of Dra.Adela Paterno, participating in their exhibits at the Contemporary Arts Gallery, 1964. Met partner Oscar de Zalameda, newly arrived from Europe, through Legaspi , apprenticing under Zalameda and assisting him in doing commissioned work. Was painting fulltime by 1967, mostly commissioned work for interior designers Berenguer Topacio, Wili Fernandez, and Lita Bondoc. First one-man exhibit, Hyatt Terraces, Baguio,1976. Did a 5-panel mural for the Hyatt Terraces lobby and graphic Igorot designs for the hotel’s scenic elevator, 1976. Also painted a mural for the UP College of Medicine Bldg, Herran. Mounted 2nd solo at the SF Art Circle in Daly City under the sponsorship of a group of doctors, 1984. Third solo, Anjo Interiors, HK, 1985. In 1988, went to Los Angeles to present his 7th solo at Agoura Hills the auspices of Verna Lomota and real state tycoon Mary Launch. The show was attended by movie stars Mark Hamill and David Soul, who purchased paintings. Left for Taipei in 1993 for his 9th solo at the Lung Men Art Gallery. [20th CENT Vol II-MD]


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