Oscar Ramos

 the famous impressionist of the Philippine Art

Manila, Philippines

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born 1948



“Oscar Ramos” Apuli was born on December 18, 1948 in Manila. He finished his Bachelor of Science Study of Architecture in the Bicol University. Afterwards he worked as a draftsman in several government agencies in Bicol and later as well in Manila.


The lure of the fine arts made him leave the world of architecture and pursue apprenticeships with popular artists in Manila. This was a turning point in his life and the beginning of career. The guidance from several of these well knows artists greatly enhanced his skills as a painter.

It was around that time he received a full scholarship from the College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines. He was able to receive a two year Masteral Course.

He studied carefully the works of International Artists and the Philippine Masters of that time. He then spent countless years working on the subjects of Juan Luna, Carlos “Botong” Francisco and specially Fernando Amorsolo.

Out of all the styles and influences Oscar Ramos went through during the long years of training the style and colors of Fernando Amorsolo are still reflect in his works.


Another milestone in his career was a study grant to Europe sponsored by a Filipino-German patron. He joined the illustrious list of artist sent to study art in Europe - just like Amorsolo and Manansala.


He travelled extensively within Europe and held major exhibits there several years, mainly in the southern parts of Germany in Black Forest and Bavaria. The first gallery handling the paintings of Oscar was Jürgen Wohlgemuth, were he went to Munich in 1984. Afterwards his paintings were exhibited in the Gallery of Thomas Stadler. Later a German collector invited him to visit Germany again to show his talent in galleries and other locations, so Oscar Ramos returned again to Germany


In 2012 the german gallery Transwing(R) KunstGallery, represented by Klaus W. Hartung in cooperation with the hotelier and previous chef taster of the Schlemmer Atlas, Hans Böddicker joined efforts to bring Oscar Ramos again to Germany to present his paintings in different important locations and to paint in front of the audience.




You can see the influence of European art in his works specially his impressionist style paintings. However, it is his Filipiniana paintings that still continue to draw raves. It is his dedication to quality work, the exactness of his strokes and the distinctly Filipino themes that distinguishes him from other artists. His style is Amorsolo style, his topics influenced by German and European topics. He is simple a very rare artist of the Amorsolo way of painting, a very much visible impressionist of the Philippines. He has come a very long way to be acknowledge not only abroad but as well in the Philippines.


Oscar Ramos is married to Coleen Piñon and they do have 3 children - 2 boys and 1 girl with age of 36 years (elder son), 34 years (daughter) and 31 year younger son).


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